Saturday , December 2 2023

Coenraad Klein Swormink is New Chief Police

Effective February 4th the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) has a new Chief of Basic Police Care on Saba in the person of Coenraad Klein Swormink. He is working with the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary (KMar) in the Netherlands already since 1986. There he has held many positions in all task fields of the KMar in all districts within the past 28 years. Before arriving on Saba Klein Swormink was operational team leader of 34 investigators (detectives) in Eindhoven. Klein Swormink is the successor of Charlie Smink who has held this position for 8 months.

Klein Swormink
Coenraad Klein Swormink is the new Chief of Police
(Photo GIS Saba)

Klein Swormink looks with much enthusiasm towards his new position as Chief of Basic Police Care on Saba. On Monday February 17th he has held introductory meetings with representatives in the Executive Council and the Island Council of the Public Entity of Saba. Chief of Basic Police Care for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, Jose Rosales, was also present at these two important meetings. Klein Swormink will hold this position until August of this year. During the course of this week he will make acquaintance with important partners on the island.

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