Sunday , April 2 2023

Small bush fire in Windwardside

On Tuesday February 18th at approximately 13.05 pm the Dutch Caribbean Fire Brigade on Saba received notice that there was a bush fire in the Windwardside.  After arriving on the scene, together with the police the firemen scouted the area and saw that the fire was almost completely burnt out.  The firemen made use of a fire extinguisher and some buckets of water to ensure the fire didn’t spread to any other surrounding areas. 

Upon further inspection of the property firemen discovered a plastic bottle containing charcoal lighter fluid.  Following a discussion with the property owner, it was determined the fire was intentionally lit.

The Dutch Caribbean Fire Brigade on Saba is herewith advising all property owners to exercise the highest level of caution. It is common practice for folks on the island to light fire to get rid of certain types of household garbage or debris around their homes. Local Fire Chief, Julio Every is appealing to the public to first contact the Fire department before lighting fire near or around their homes.

The contact numbers for the Fire Department are 416-2210 during office hours and the emergency number is 416 6840.

Press release RCN, February 19, 2014

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