Tuesday , March 5 2024

“Saba Fit” campaign kicks off

The Saba Fit campaign to encourage young people to maintain a healthy weight will kick off at Johan Cruijff Court in The Bottom today, Friday, at 8:30am, writes The Daily Herald. At the recreational facility, the school will be hosting a sports day for pupils. Saba Fit is part of the Youth at a Healthy Weight JOGG programme, which started in the Netherlands to promote healthy lifestyles among young people there. The name was changed to Saba Fit to make the campaign more appealing to the youth here. Commissioner of Health and Sports Bruce Zagers will unveil a sign at the Cruijff Court marking Saba as an official JOGG municipality. He said it is important to promote healthy living to young people at this stage in their lives for them to cultivate good health habits. He congratulated everyone involved in the Saba Fit programme and wished them much success.
Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) pupils will be provided with water bottles as a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Zagers, Saba Fit coordinators La-Toya Charles and James Granger and members of Saba Fit’s steering committee will distribute the refillable water bottles ahead of a “marathon” from the school to the Cruijff Court. Once the pupils have arrived at the field, they will have the opportunity to fill up their water bottles and engage in sports activities throughout the day. Water for the event is being donated by Body, Mind and Spirit Foundation.
Saba Fit is aimed at jumpstarting and facilitating a massive health awareness campaign to urge the community to think and talk about healthy living and putting this mindset into daily practice. Cooperation with schools is to ensure that pupils have healthy snack options available at their school and pupils will be provided with ample physical activities to ensure adequate exercise.


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