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New Chef Basic Police Saba busy with orientation

THE BOTTOM – Noise and traffic problems deserve attention on Saba. That concludes Coenraad Klein Swormink, the new Chief Primary Police, after his first two weeks on the island .
Klein Swormink previously worked as an operational team leader of 34 investigators in Eindhoven. ” Years ago I already had the intention to work in the Caribbean via the  Koninklijke Marechaussee “
“In particular, because of the age of my children and a mission to  former Yugoslavia, it did not happen earlier,” he says. “Now in the second half of last year, a call came for tenders for this position on Saba. The prospect of fullfilling this function in for me a new and beautiful environment and culture, was reason enough to make me excited.”
He says he has met already many people and he has also spoken with the Governor, the commissioners and the island council. Klein Swormink says he wants to participate in maintaining, or instilling a safe and pleasant environment for the population. All this he must do within his seven month contract, terminating at the end of August.
” It is of course necessary to know first what is happening and what the possibilities are”, says Klein Swormink . ” That’s why I ‘m going to invest in getting to know my ‘own ‘ staff, after that to focus on key partners and the administrative organization. Of course I want to make contact with many inhabitants. “
By Hazel Durand
Source: NTR / Caribbean Network , February 20, 2014 Translated by Saba News
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