Monday , March 20 2023

Historic Building in the Bottom reopened as a Hospital Administration Offices

Saba Health Care Foundation on Friday opened its new Administration Offices at the building adjacent to hospital. The new offices are part of the expansion of the hospital that is being renovated to increase the quality of services that is offered to the people of Saba.

SHCF admin building
Director of Saba Health Care Foundation, Dr. Joka Blauboer (l) and Commissioner of Health, Bruce Zagers
(Photo GIS Saba)

The historic building which was built in 1934 has served many functions before being renovated for the hospital’s purposes. Most recently it was the home of the Queen Wilhelmina Library, and before that it was at one time or another a post office, court house, Island Council Hall, Island and Federal Receiver’s Office, Administrators Office, Protocol Office and also the Court of Guardianship. Several persons who had worked at the building in various capacities were present at the opening as honored guests.

The keynote speaker was historian and former commissioner Will Johnson, who with his vivid memory delighted the crowd with stories of the people that once occupied the building, including himself. He also noted that there had been many positive effects in health care since the transition.

Director of Saba Health Care, Joka Blauboer, in addressing those gathered said that, “Since becoming a Dutch Public Entity a lot of chances have come our way. Many changes cannot be seen on the outside. Saba Health Care Foundation has invested a lot in the field of professionalizing our organization, hold regular meetings, work with protocols and procedures, develop in the field of HR, have an extensive education program for our staff, to name a few.” However she added, “Changes that can be seen by all on Saba is our work on the facility of the Medical Center.”

She also took the opportunity to thank the Executive Council for making it possible for the hospital to become the owners of the land where the building is situated in 2010. She especially thanked Commissioner whom she said has been instrumental in moving health care in Saba forward as the longest tenured commissioner of health.

Commissioner of Health, Bruce Zagers in his remarks said that “I would like to congratulate and thank all who have made the renovations of this impressive new wing and the celebration today possible. This building has played an important role in society since 1934 and now that role has become even more prominent now that it a part of our hospital. I wish all those who are actively involved in health care that will be making use of this addition much success.”

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