Friday , March 24 2023

Fines to be Issued for Vehicles with Loud Music, Excessive Noise Caused by Vehicles, and Reckless Driving

The Island Governor of Saba and the Chief of Police hereby makes known that controls of vehicles with loud music, noise created by alterations to vehicles, excessive acceleration, and reckless driving will be increased.  Citizens have been voicing their concerns about the nuisance which vehicles and their owners create in and around the various villages on the island. The police will as be on lookout for reckless drivers including those who drive recklessly or performing “stunts” and needlessly endanger other persons on the public road.

It is prohibited by article 42 paragraph 2 of the Island Ordinance Promotion Public Order and Protection of the Community to drive with loud music on the public road. The article states that it is forbidden to play music in an open space that causes damage or nuisance to residents.

Persons who engage in reckless behavior while driving should note that article 5 of the Traffic Regulation of the Windward Islands states it is forbidden to behave in such a way that the safety on the public road will be brought in danger or that the safety on the road can be brought in danger.

Press release GIS Saba, February 26, 2014

In the past the police have approached drivers and given them verbal warnings about the loud music emanating from their vehicles. Despite these warnings there has been no change in behavior.  Now the police will immediately issue a fine when a driver is caught in violation of the ordinance and or law.

Deadline for Road Tax is March 1
Young archeologists camping on Paris Hill


  1. Angry at Saba at the people in power

    It’s obvious that the police on Saba have nothing better to do that harass the innocent young people who work hard the honest way to purchase a motor bike or speakers for their car.
    There is no obvious DRUG problem on the island for the police to deal with is there or is it because maybe they are the pushers and purchasers themselves ….. These are the people the law should be looking at and dealing with.
    The youth of today has nothing going in their favor. They can neither buy a nice car or motorbike or a sound system, nor can they even enjoy they time of being young. They are being forced into selling or using drugs by the lawmakers because they see them only harassing the youth about things they work honestly and HARD for.
    Rape takes place on this island and nothing is done about it but plays some music loud in your car and is incarcerated.
    They the lawmakers and up keepers are one day at a time turning SABA into the world largest retirement home for the old aged even the young people will be old when they are done with them. Since they are adopting some many of the rules and laws of the mother country Holland, When will they open a coffee shop or two and the island and a mini red light district?
    Remember lawmakers and up keepers, you have children also and one day they will be the same age as the young people today that you will be fining. Why don’t you the powers of the island come together with youths of today and come to a compromise. Maybe have a meeting with them and designating certain areas on the islands where to youth and make noise with their cars and motorbikes and sound systems and then if they don’t adhere to it, punish them cause then they cannot say they did not have a fair opportunity.
    Why as a young person it is so difficult to live or want to live on this island I call home. People should start to stand up for their selves and stop allowing the old people of Saba to dictate and rule the land or maybe one day they might just push the wrong young person to far, and create a local Timothy McVeigh or John Allen Muhammad.

    God is de grootste kracht die er is, en hij zal iedereen te gelegener tijd behandelen!!!!

  2. Hey man, chill! I am not that old but the music you’re playing is just pure shit.

  3. I like loud music as much as the next guy, but your neighbor needs to be considered also.
    As for yearly visitors such as myself, last thing I want to hear is loud music blaring from car just coming around the bend into Windwardside while I sit on my deck at the Cottage Club.