Saturday , September 30 2023

Collision between pickuptruck and motorcycle

The police, KPCN, announed that on Tuesday, March 4th , at 2.15 PM , a collision took place between a pickup truck and a motorcycle on the Tys Hill Road near Lolipops. The pickup hit the motorcycle from behind when the bike suddenly stopped on the road. There were no injuries.

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  1. Again I would like to warn for the possible consequences of transporting people in the back of a truck. Even when the driver is not guilty in the case of an accident, he will be held responsible for his “passengers” by at least the insurance companies. Imagine that one or more people are hurt while sitting in the back of a truck, their insurance company will held the driver – and may be the owner – of that truck responsible for all medical costs that may have to be made for the victims. And every judge will agree with such a claim, because it is illegal to transport people in that way.
    In the past the police enforced the law by forbidding and fining this behaviour of truck-drivers.
    It is mainly the Lt. Governor who should continue enforcing the law in this perspective. By not instructing the police to enforce the law, he also should be considered to be accountable for future problems. It is a miracle that nothing happened so far. But unfortunately it will definitely happen in the future. Blame your Lt. Governor and the police for not being proactive and for not enforcing the law on this matter on Saba which has been possible in the past.

  2. This time I am so happy to be able to support our Lt. Governor. He is very well aware that we are living on a small island where even speed devils have problem to reach 40 miles/hours. There are no freeways here, so enjoying a ride in the back of a truck is a “human right”. Of course there are risks, but these also come from the volcano and hurricanes. Please wake up Mr. Caderius and realize where you are living.

  3. René Caderius van Veen

    Today – even before 3 pm – already 3 times the sirenes of the police. Many days you can hear these as if Saba is a big city with over 100.000 inhabitants. But reading the police reports, one will find reports just once or twice a month on about one incident. How can this be explained?

  4. The sirens you hear are those of the ambulance. I doubt the police even know how to find the sirens in their vehicles.