Sunday , May 28 2023

Canadian trail building volunteers back

Canadian Volunteers are back on Saba to help the Saba Conservation Foundation with trail building, reports The Daily Herald. The group started work on the West Coast Trail last week. They helped with clearing vegetation and are currently active with building steps and consolidating the trail. The current group is smaller than previous ones, but organizers plan to have several rotating groups around the year to accommodate the schedules of all volunteers. The trail will eventually run from nearby The Ladder to Well’s Bay Road. The trail will go across from the stretch that goes up to Mary’s Point on the East Coast Trail.

Group leader Ingrid Gerlofsma said while conducting regular trail maintenance they have come across a special pool-like rock formation that holds water. This rare rainwater natural pool is on a side trail, within a 20 minute walk from Upper Hell’s Gate on the main Sandy Cruz trail.

Residents and others interested in joining volunteers can meet with them this week at the trail shop in Windwardside where the group is doing maintenance work on the trail behind the trail shop.
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  1. Thank you guys. You’re doing a great job for Saba! Hip hip hurry for the Canadian volunteers.