Friday , March 24 2023

Norma Kerpens Saba Community Officer on duty

Effective March 1st Norma Kerpens is the Community Officer on duty on Saba for the coming six months. This is a position she shares with Paula Klomp who has served in this capacity for the past six months.  Kerpens, who first joined the Police Force on Aruba some 15 years ago, is excited about the task set before her as Community Officer on Saba. “I am easy to approach because I am a very open person and have a desire to work. I believe that a community needs the Police and the Police needs a community”. states Kerpens.

Norma Kerpens
Norma Kerpens

With almost 15 years’ experience in police work Kerpens explained that she moved to Holland in 2002, where she once again had to attend the police academy. She was successful and in May 2003 was assigned to work in Almere nearby Amsterdam. Kerpens worked there until 2009 in several departments including the Detective Unit for one year. “There I worked mostly on youth cases as well as the domestic violence cases.  Already in 2009 I started thinking about returning to the Caribbean to be close to my family”.

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