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Official Opening of the Saba Electricity Company.

Saba Electric Company,(SEC) will officially celebrate its opening on March 14th, 2014 with a ceremony. The company which began operating as of January 1, 2014 is charged with the distribution and production of electricity on Saba. The company was setup after the dismantling of the former GEBE N. V. on Dec 13th, 2013.

It is named after the first company set up by Mr. Elmer Linzey and his aunt Maude Edwards in 1962 to provide electricity on the island, and was subsequently sold to GEBE in 1968, which then became the only electricity provider on the Dutch Windward Islands until last year. The new company aims to tie in the legacy of island’s first electricity with the establishment of its newest one.

SEC is one of the greatest assets to Saba, providing power to 1250 customers on the island, with 15 employees.
Through the transition from the former electricity provider to the establishment of SEC every effort has been made to enable a seamless shift that would give the community confidence in the success of the new company.
Management and staff have been retained and incorporated in the new company, while the representatives of Saba on the Supervisory Board and the Shareholding Foundation of GEBE were brought over to ensure that there would be stability through the startup phase, which is the most challenging time in any company.

The opening of SEC is a significant milestone for the company and the people of Saba. After the opening ceremony a new logo will be unveiled by the Mrs. Edwina Linzey and Mr, Rufus Linzey, wife and brother of the late Elmer Linzey of the co- founders of the first SEC. There will be addresses by representatives of the company and also government officials, followed by a reception.

The public is invited to come out and witness the historic event.

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