Wednesday , March 29 2023

Saba Government to Offer Civil Servants Courses to Enhance Skills

The Public Entity of Saba will soon be offering a series of courses to civil servants within the government apparatus with the aim of enhancing and upgrading the skills of persons working in the organization. The Executive Council is committed to developing the skills its civil servants which will have a positive impact on the services that are offered to the community.

The courses will be facilitated by, Dick Macgregor of Training Development Center in St. Maarten, which is part of UTS. The courses offered to civil servants will include programs that improve the leadership ability of the department heads and supervisors as well as motivate colleagues to develop better working relationships and build stronger teams.  There will also be courses to enhance the customer service skills of personnel that interact regularly with the public. Currently there is a Dutch course, in which many civil servants are participating.

Commissioner Bruce Zagers, who has been very involved with the starting up of these programs, stated that in some cases these upcoming courses were long overdue. “This is an opportunity for many of our civil servants to enhance their knowledge and skills. Programs such as these will go a long way in improving the civil servant base which will ultimately have a positive impact on Government services,” concluded Zagers.

GIS Saba, March 226, 2014

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