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RCN director invites unions out for meeting on terms of employment

On January  6th, 2014, Minister Plasterk informed the unions in writing that he sees no more possibilities to meet the demands of the ABVO and NAPB any further, which both had refused the final offer from the employer.

The ABVO and NAPB then presented some yet to concretize options to the chairman of the so called ‘Sectoroverleg’. In addition, a substantial group of RCN employees of the Belastingdienst, including members of the trade unions,  urgently called upon the minister on March 14th,  for the implementation of the benefits package as included in the final offer for the CAO 2013/2014. This call is in line with similar petitions from employees at the fire department, border control, DJI and other divisions that were presented late last year.

In response to these developments, the RCN director invited the unions for talks on terms of employment on May 15th.

When asked, Van Dam explains : “the call of RCN employees makes clear that we must speed up to reach an agreement. The negotiating mandate that I have got from The Hague, is very clear. I have to correct the impression, if exists, that there might be more budget for the CAO 2013/2014: there is no more budget than included in the present final offer, and within the limits of that mandate, we have to work out an agreement with the unions.

The existing way of consultation, which exists since 2010, implies that employers and unions together have to come to new terms on working conditions. It confirms the equivalence of both employer as unions in this area and that’s a great thing.  It also obliges both employer and unions to be responsible and to come up with a solution. This has been successful in the past years and will work this time, though it is a process that unfortunately needs quite some time this time. ”

Press release RCN, March 27, 2014

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