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Saba receives $ 680,000 for the repair of its trails system

Sharon Dijksma, State Secretary of Economic Affairs, provides funding for six nature projects in the Caribbean Netherlands . These are the first projects approved . The money goes to projects that will not only enhance the nature , but that will also contribute to the strengthening of agriculture , tourism and local entrepreneurship. A total of 7.5 million euros has been made available. (Over $ 10 million)

Dijksma : “Our islands in the Caribbean Netherlands are a perfect example where ecology and economy can reinforce each other. A diverse and well-kept nature is attractive to residents, but also attracts more tourists . ”

St. Eustatius and Saba

Saba receives about 500,000 euros (about $ 680,000) for the rehabilitation of walking trails through natural areas, which are one of the main tourist attractions. Dijksma sets 600,000 euros (over $ 800,000) aside for nature restoration on St. Eustatius and enables the local nature organization to set up training and improve the management of nature.

Protecting coral

Bonaire has more than 1.1 million euros ( $1.5 million) made ​​available for nature projects that promote tourism, entrepreneurs and farmers . A component is a better protection of the coral , which attracts many divers. Amongst others by improving the management of stray goats on the island, which threaten the coral by providing erosion.

Press release RCN, April 4, 2014

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