Tuesday , March 28 2023

Police reports accidents


On Saturday, April 5th  around 3:10 PM, the police dispatch center received report of an accident on the road to English Quarter. It was a one-sided collision involving a pickup which hung partly over the guardrails. The driver stated that the steering wheel came loose which caused the car to hit the guardrail and go over it partly. There were no injuries.


On Saturday, April 5th  at about 11 AM a collision took place in the St. John’s neighborhood. Employees of Saba Electric Company were cutting a tree when the tree suddenly fell over and one of the workers suddenly jumped backwards. While doing so he jumped against a police car,  after which he fell and the car drove over his foot. The policeman took the victim to the hospital himself because they could not wait on the ambulance service. At the hospital it was confirmed that the victim had a broken foot as a result of the accident. There were no other persons injured.

Press release KPCN, April 7, 2014

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