Saturday , December 2 2023

Tax departments discussed about integrity

Saba and St. Eustatius’ team members of the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Department came together last week to discuss the issue of integrity, writes The Daily Herald.

Team leaders Astrid McKenzie-Tatem and Edward Thielman highlighted the importance of the Tax Department being trustworthy and transparent. “You are the face of the Tax Department. As the Tax Department we are at the centre of society; a society that is constantly changing and setting demands on the way we function.”

Tax Department clients also gave their feedback. Camelia Dembrook said the Tax Department on Statia is professional and accessible. “There is sufficient staff, which gives the impression that checks and balances are in place to secure the integrity of the sensitive information provided.” Dembrook said the cooperation with the business community and the readability of official letters required improvement.

Franklin Wilson said the Tax Department should increase its visibility in the community of Saba, for example, by talking with students about taxes.

During the session it became apparent how broad the topic of integrity is, stated a press release issued by Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN on Monday. “It is important to be aware of our daily choices and to talk about dilemmas. This way the workers can demonstrate integrity in their work,” Tax Department officials were quoted as saying.


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