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SIU registered for the Rotterdam Summer Carnival

Having successfully participated in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival for the past two years, the Small Island Unity (SIU) troupe of the Windward Islands has once again registered for this year’s festival to be held on Saturday, July 19, writes The Daily Herald.

SIU was created to provide students and persons mainly of St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba with a platform to showcase the islands’ unique culture through participation in cultural events based in the Netherlands. SIU is the only carnival troupe with participants from the Windward Islands in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival, a major cultural event with some 25 troupes from different parts of the world and about 2,000 revellers that draws at least one hundred thousand spectators each year.

This year, SIU, under the leadership of Kyle “DJ Spy” Brown, has chosen the theme “Third Time’s A Charm.” The troupe and its members will not only embody the ‘luck’ of the third time of participation, but will also portray Carnival from the islands. Last year, the 160-member group chose to return to the roots of Caribbean Carnival by portraying an old carnival character known as “Jab-Jab,” adorned in red and blue paint. This year, troupe members will use their mass concept to portray their theme. DJ Spy and his team are working hard on all preparations to ensure that they can make an unforgettable impact during the festivities.

One of the important events leading up to the Summer Carnival will be the queen elections. SIU has plans to enter these elections, depending on successful sponsorship. The queen elections broadcast locally and internationally, will provide great exposure of the Windward Islands’ culture to the European market. “This will not only benefit the troupe, but also St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba,” said Spy in a press release.

As is customary, SIU this year will add a section to the troupe. “Last year we added a T-shirt section and this year we will be adding a children’s section that will be at the front of our troupe. We are still in our young stage of building the group, but rest assured that we will continue to influence the Rotterdam Summer Carnival by bringing music and showcasing the culture of our smaller islands in the Caribbean,” Spy stated.

SIU is looking for sponsorship in the Netherlands and on the islands. Companies and agencies interested in supporting the troupe can email: or


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