Sunday , March 26 2023

Info campaign about European elections

The Daily Herald writes that on May 22, the people of the Caribbean Netherlands will vote in the election of members of the European Parliament. Every citizen of the Caribbean Netherlands, 18 years and older, who has the Dutch nationality has European citizenship as well, and therefore also voting rights in the elections for the European Parliament. The voting rules that were applicable in the Island Council elections of 2011 and the election of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament in 2012 will be used again.
Government Service Caribbean Netherlands will start an information campaign this week in the public entities Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba regarding the European Parliament and the voting rules. In this information campaign, the winning photos of the CN Expo will be used. This photo contest, which was held last year, has yielded beautiful pictures of the islands. These photos are to reflect that the continent of Europe may be far from the islands in terms of distance, but that Europe also “lives” on the islands. At the same time, local photographers are honoured with the publication of their creative products.
Various means of communication will be used to provide voters with information. “The European Parliament: relevant for you too” and “You’ll be voting too, right?” are the slogans to motivate the public to be well-informed when taking part in the voting process. The information campaign will last five weeks. For four weeks in a row, new messages will be emphasized. In week five, the previous messages are to be summarized.
Various local channels will air an infomercial in which the Island Governors of Bonaire, Statia and Saba will go once again through the voting process. The radio programmes Keda Informá on Bonaire and Stay Informed on Saba and Statia will also be broadcast. During these radio programmes, an expert in the constitutional structure will explain how the European Parliament operates, and will also explain other bodies, such as the European Council and the European Commission.


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