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First King’s Games in Saba celebrated with much enthusiasm

THE BOTTOM – Children on Saba had the opportunity for the first time to experience the King’s Games last Friday. “The King’s Day games were a great success because of the assistance from volunteers and parents who guided and supervised the children during the games,” said Stacey Simmons, Project Leader at Child Focus, one of the organizers of the sport’s day.
All the assistance received this year will enable the King’s Games to be organized next year as well. “The breakfast and celebration packages were brought to Saba and delivered to Child Focus Foundation by a local fisherman,” Simmons noted.


 Traditional games
The children were kept busy exerting all their energy at ten game centers on the Johan Cruyff sports field. Most of the activities were traditional Dutch games, which children in The Netherlands also engaged in on King’s Day. “Today the children of Saba had an opportunity to experience the King’s Day games in the same way as the children in the continental Netherlands,” said Simmons.


While the afterschool activities foundation, Child Focus, provided the traditional Dutch breakfast, the Saba Fit foundation provided ample bottles of fresh water. Saba Fit took the opportunity in collaboration with Child Focus on this day to promote its campaign “Youth at a Healthy Weight JOGG Program – Jeugd op Gezond Gewicht’.

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson was also on hand at this sport’s day, socializing with the youngsters. Students actually started a two week vacation at the beginning of last week, but still came out in numbers to participate in the King’s Games.

Hazel Durand

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