Wednesday , February 28 2024

CFT Meets with Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Public Entity of Saba met with Members of the CFT board and their delegation on Monday May 5th, to discuss the financial management of the island. Present for the Public Entity were Island Governor Jonathan Johnson; Commissioner of Finance, Bruce Zagers; Island Secretary Menno van der Velde; Head of Finance, Maureen Hassell and Financial Advisor Piet Gerritsen. The CFT is charged with budgetary and financial oversight of the island’s activities.

During the meeting they discussed the execution of the 2014 budget, the process of preparing the Budget for 2015, and the 2013 year report.  Commissioner Zagers said that the meeting was very positive and that members of the CFT expressed positive opinions on the progress made in Saba’s financial management. Currently, Saba is the only island in the Dutch Caribbean to receive a positive audit opinion on its financial reports. The Commissioner also mentioned that he welcomed the opportunity to meet with them and discuss further cooperation. After the meeting the CFT also had the opportunity to meet with members of the Island Council.

Saba Government Information Service May 6, 2014


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