Monday , February 26 2024

Opinion: SCS Board damages Saba education

Sometimes you just got to stand up for what is right and take a stand!

Wake up Saba; inquire what is happening at the Saba Comprehensive School and why 25% of the teaching staff plus the Director have not had their contracts renewed by the current school board for the upcoming school year beginning August 2014.

With this news, more teachers are going to join them and also exit, as this is so detrimental to the students education here on the island. Consistency is key, and with the potential amount of staff that have been told are not returning and others who will walk out in support of their co-workers, WILL prove detrimental to the school. The ones that will suffer here will be the students, and that’s not right!

If you disagree with the boards decision and support the staff at SCS and Director Hemmie van Xanten, please contact members of the school board and Governor Jonathan Johnson and let your voices be heard. Do it for the students; they deserve better, and not this continuous turnover of staff!

Jack mcFarland

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