Friday , March 24 2023

Contractors Updated on Airport Renovation Project

Contractors were brought up to date on tender bid information concerning the contract “Designing and Implementing the renovation of Caribbean Netherlands Airports” for the Juancho Yrausquin International Airport last week Thursday. A formal meeting to inform the contractors on the terms of reference was held by the relevant organizations. The meeting was opened by Commissioner Bruce Zagers on behalf of the Executive Council. Also present at the meeting were representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V. , Planning Bureau and airport management.

The works will entail resurfacing the runway, runway lighting, the excavation of the hill on the approach to Runway 12, construction of a 25 cubic meter cistern for the Fire and Rescue service and renovation of the fence around the airport perimeter. The renovations are a result of the fact that since the transition the airport must meet the minimum International regulations for aviation safety of the International Civil Aviation Organization. This contract is aimed at implementing the most urgent activities.

After the meeting the contractors, along with the principals had a site visit at the airport to view the required changes. Work on the airport should begin early in 2014.

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  1. To: The Executive Council
    In regards to this article .There are some items that are hard to understand,For all the years the airport in Flatpoint has been operating it did not meet International regulations.Then what regulations was the airport operating under all these years.Why didn’t
    the Dutch always make sure it meet the proper international codes.It should not have taken
    for our little island to be directly under them for this to change. Cause no matter which way you look at it Holland was always suppose to look over the Netherlands Antillies.
    Second I understand the part of resurfacing the runway,But if you need to change the landscape of the island to installed runway lights.Once excavation of the hill is done you will change our little island in a way that would not be good.Is the Twin Otter going to start night landings.
    Progress is one thing but you must really think this through !

    Thank you
    Mario Zeagers