Friday , March 31 2023

White coat ceremony in Medical School

The Daily Herald reports that Saba University School of Medicine (SUSOM)’s White Coat Ceremony for the entering class of Summer 2014 and the induction of a select group of fifth semester medical students into the Alpha Omega Phi Honour and Service Society were held Friday evening in the New Building auditorium on campus. Dean Dr. James Lewis held the welcoming speech for the incoming class introducing SUSOM faculty and stressing the high ethical standards to which the students are held. Dr. Ramona Dumitrescu held the induction into the honour and service society of nine medical students. Quoting Albert Einstein’s remarks that “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile,” she encouraged the incoming class to participate in community service and lead a balanced lifestyle that complements their intense studies.

The honour society is a non-profit organization promoting public health through community awareness and educational activities, as well as community service in partnerships with local stakeholders. Eligibility into the society is based on achievement of a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 86 or higher and participation in at least four credits for service projects within the community. Each candidate must embody the values promoted by the school as befitting the medical profession. Their extra-curricular volunteer service includes academic mentoring, various student club participation, volunteering in Saba Health Fairs, Global Health Fairs and seminars and other community service efforts.

The spring 2014 society members succeeded to raise US $3,500 through various fundraising activities. These funds were donated to several community-based organizations. The largest donations went to Saba Conservation Foundation and the family who lost their home in a fire earlier this year. Over US $500 went to Hon. Henry C. Every Old Age Home residents as Easter presents. Saba Comprehensive School received an additional US $500 to finish securing individual lockers for each of their students.

During the induction each student shared words of advice, encouragement and inspiration to the incoming class students. Dean of students Dr. Herman Reid addressed the incoming class, speaking on the significance and history of the White Coat Ceremony. President of the Student Government Association James Vaillant welcomed the new students and provided additional advice. Dr. Dheeraj Bansal and Dr. Himadri Roy officiated the signing of the Honour Pledge and the donning of white coats by the entering class. Bansal led the class in reciting the honour pledge and held the closing remarks. Student Ankita Shashidhar invited the students, faculty, visiting family members and guests to the mentor-mentee reception that followed the ceremony.


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