Friday , December 1 2023

Some interest in getting a job at the police

The Daily Herald writes that some ten persons attended the information session at the police station in Windwardside, Saba. Eighteen persons attended a similar information session on Statia, while on Bonaire approximately 100 persons attended.

The Police is presently campaigning for candidates to register for the two-year training for aspiring police officers, which is scheduled to begin in October. The theme of the recruitment drive is: “You have the guts? We have the job.”

The contents of the function at the police, procedures, requirements, training and the terms of employment were explained by means of a PowerPoint presentation. KPCN officials stressed that team spirit, flexibility, integrity, immunity to stress, drive and perseverance were the main qualities the police force is looking for. Persons attending the meetings were afforded the opportunity to ask questions.

On all three islands, senior policemen as well as newcomers to the police force were present to share their personal experiences. “A career in the police force is not something you take lightly. You will be responsible for the safety and liveability of your own surroundings, but will also face situations where you will have to protect your colleagues,” the police stressed to those attending the meetings.

The deadline for application for a job with KPCN is Friday, May 16. Applications can be sent to email


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