Sunday , March 26 2023

Saba Island Secretary to become Senior Policy Advisor

Island Secretary for the Public Entity Saba, Menno van der Velde will be leaving his current post to take up another position within the organization as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Executive Council. Mr. van der Velde has been Island Secretary for the past 10 years.

Drs. Menno van der Velde (photo Menno van der Velde)
Drs. Menno van der Velde
(photo Menno van der Velde)

The senior policy advisor position vacancy recently came available and Mr. van der Velde felt that after more than 10 years as the Island Secretary, it was time to take on another challenge. The position of senior policy advisor was made available as the Executive Council decided that there was a need to strengthen its policy capacity. He takes to the position a keen understanding of the issues that the island is facing. Also his experience in project management and policy development as well as insight gained through being part of the constitutional transition will prove to be valuable. Over the years he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the ongoing issues and has developed a broad network in the Netherlands.

The position of Island Secretary will be publicized and Mr. Van der Velde will remain in the position until someone is found to fill the vacancy.

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  1. This procedure stinks. Why did the Executive Committee did announce a vacancy for the Senior Political Advisor position so that everyone would have a chance to postulate? The competencies required for a Political Advisor position are very different from those of an Island Secretary. Therefore the direct appointment of Mr. van der Velde seems very fishy.
    Maybe just a hidden salary increase? Dear Sabans, remember who have to pay the salaries of the Civil Servants.