Sunday , March 26 2023

Personnel airport tower completed AFIS course

The Daily Herald writes that Juancho Yrausquin International Airport has taken another step in meeting international standards with the completion of the Aerodrome Flight Information Service/Aeronautical Information Service (AFIS) Course by its tower personnel. Since the constitutional transition, the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority has been working with the government to ensure that the airport meets minimum International Civil Aviation Organisation requirements and this meant that all personnel that work in the airport tower had to take a course approved by the ICAO.

The course was carried out by two instructors, Reynaldo Richards and Philmore Watson from Princess Juliana International Airport who spent six weeks on the island and is the same course given to the AFIS personnel at that airport. The course included aviation related topics such as Meteorology, Navigation and Air Traffic Management among others. Having instructors from PJIA also helps in establishing working relationships between the two airports which is essential given their close proximity. Commissioner of Aviation Affairs, Chris Johnson congratulated the participants on the completion of the course and commended them on their dedication and commitment during the course. The six participants in the course were Maegan Hassell, Marcel Peterson, Crystal Hassell, Derrick Johnson, Kebba Woods and Nicholas Steele. Three more persons; Airport Manager, Vincent Hassell, Stanford Johnson and John Johnson travelled to St. Eustatius last year to participate in the same course along with participants from that island.


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