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Opinion: Saba Comprehensive School: where do we go?

Parents of kids attending the Saba Comprehensive School you are asked to please attend this Meeting. Tell a friend, bring a friend… voice your concerns and do what is right!

scs parents meeting

This meeting is a follow up from issues concerning the management of the Saba Comprehensive School. These issues are to be considered seriously. With the agreement of Christalle Klaber we copy her recent message on Facebook:

Here is the petition that the students made from the Saba Comprehensive School without any kind of instigation from any parents or teachers. It is their education and they should know what they want. Instead of people criticizing them, go talk to them and hear their views. They are the future of tomorrow. This nonsense that people are saying oh what is the big deal they are accustom to changing of teachers every year. That is not the point!!! I was in the same system as a student of changing teachers also and it isn’t easy as what people think. Like I said who feels it knows it. I personally don’t care what others have to say about me for picking up for the STUDENTS, PRINCIPAL and TEACHERS. I as a PARENT have seen a great change from when Hemmie van Xanten took over as principal. The teachers and staff were a team again according to them a” FAMILY”..The principal before Mr. Boeken destroyed the school. The teachers were all divided. I personally can say I agree to that. I waiting on the back lash… I ready, Stay tuned more to come….

The petition:

Saba Comprehensive School
Thais Hill Road,
St. Johns, Saba

May 9th, 2014       

We would like to complain about the drastic decisions that the Board has made: it has come to our attention that you will not be renewing the contract of five (5) teachers including the principal. We strongly believe our education will suffer from this drastic decision that you, the Board, are making, especially for us, the fourth formers who will be going into the exam class next year.

The teachers whose contracts are not renewed are the very same teachers with students after school hours (some until four o’clock) and who worked so hard to understand system and now, all of that work they put in for the past year is for nothing. We have already got accustomed to the way the teach and the different methods they use and we truly fear that, if we get new teachers, there’s a great possibility that they may not be able to comprehend the way the system works. It might take them a year and that a year that we don’t have due to the fact that next year we are taking our CXC exams.

We’re not only looking for our interest in this situation but also the vocational students. The decisions that the e Board has taken will not only affect us, the fourth formers, but also the vocational students who will lose a Math, Spanish, Social Studies, Business, Dutch and Guidance teacher. It is clear that their education will be very much affect. by these changes.

       Saban culture is unique; we need somebody who understands the situation and our position in the Caribbean and Dutch culture. Ms: Jill is a professional at guiding us in making decisions that we are scared to make on our own and she always tells us to persue our dreams. By not renewing her contract we are worried we might not have the right teacher to guide usconcerning our further education.                Ms. Naish is a very professional teacher. She has worked so hard to help ‘us to get where we are right now in Math. She’s not only a Math teacher but she also teaches Spanish to the vocational students. She’s one of many teachers who stay until four o’clock or longer to assist kids for extra classes. Even during her holidays Ms. Naish skypes with students to help them with Math.

                Mr. Cunningham also stays after school and works really hard. It was hard for him at first due to the fact that he was new and he was not familiar with the CXC system. But he dedicated much time to learn it which is not an easy task. He has worked so hard with our class to get us ready to start our SBA’s in time and now, we are left worried about our business exam and our progress in the SBA’s because of your decision.

Mr. Hemmie has improved this school in so many ways. Notonly is this school a more comfortable place to come to, but we finally have a voice to represent ourselves. He listens to our complaints and tries as hard as possible to resolve them. He has motivated us and made the school a safe. exiting environment, for example, improving classes with new computers, printers and sound system that allows us to use technology and feel safe in the class. He surely rocketed the school into the 21st century. The positive changes that Mr. Hemmie brought about at this school has been unequalled by any of his predecessors and we doubt the impact these changes have had will be ever be matched by any new principal. Do remember that Mr. Hemmie is very familiar with the unique life on Saba as he has been involved in our educational system for ma, years!

                We would hope through this letter that the Board will reconsider these drastic decisions so that we can face our final exam year without stress and worries about quality of our education. After all, we are confident that you, Board Members, have our future at heart.


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  1. I hope many Sabans parents and students attend the meeting. I will be there as I dont like any of the confusion that this damn board created.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Christalle

  3. Cristalle is speaking the truth