Friday , March 31 2023

Fire Department assists in rescuing a dog

Members of the Saba Fire Department joined members of Saba Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFPCA) to rescue a stray dog on July 3 from a ledge in St. John’s. This reports The Daily Herald. SFD firemen Michael Hodge and Williamsitoe Oleanna responded to the scene, and lowered a harness to successfully retrieve the dog from the ledge.
“I was coming over to check the dog and de-worm her,” said SFPCA’s Evette Petersen. The former owner told me the dog died. I said, really? Because it looked bad enough to die, so I didn’t doubt it. “But that afternoon, Byron Hassel sent me a message. He said he went down there to get parts out of an old car, and he saw that the dog was in North St. John’s at the old dump. We heard something and there was a dog below on the cliff ledge, but we couldn’t get to her. When they brought him up she was just skin over bones.”

The dog is currently being cared for by SFPCA President Cassandra Holm, while a new home is being sought. Holm said some potential new owners have shown interest, but anyone interested can still call 522- 2637 to inquire. “She isn’t in so great of shape, but she’s been very friendly,” Holm said. “She doesn’t mind other dogs so far. She had no idea what dog food was. She had no idea what a crate was. She was scared when they put the harness on her. She has definitely not been treated like a real dog, which is very sad.
“The fire department was really good. They sent the fire truck within 15 minutes. Two guys came with ropes, which they tied to one another, one went down and tied the dog and then got it up. I’d like to praise the firemen and also Byron.”
SFPCA also asks anyone, who can no longer keep his or her animals, to please contact them for help.

Photo The Daily herald
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