Monday , February 26 2024

Opinion: Preferential treatment given to “some” patients by ZVK office

The Daily Herald published this opinion

 Dear Editor,

Permit me a space in your newspaper to express my concerns regarding the ZVK office on Saba and the referral of patients to Colombia. Fellow Sabans, you all stand up and speak out for your interest, if you do not do it, no one will do it for you. It is one thing to vent your frustrations about the running of ZVK on Facebook, however, if you are upset, please start by going to the media and sending letters to the head quarters on Bonaire, and even in Holland if you have to. Maybe by doing it the right way change will finally come.
A lot of us Sabans are experiencing the difficult times that ZVK is giving us, especially when it comes to sending patients to Colombia, whether it is for the first time or a check up. For some patients, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get arrangements to travel to Colombia, however, for others (seems like those of us who are not favoured by the ZVK workers) are always given the run. lt is so clear to see that ZVK office does not operate in a fair way towards everyone. Clearly they do for who they want.

Last year when I travelled to Colombia, I was in constant contact with ZVK office, asking when I would be travelling and where I would be staying. I can tell you I travelled on a Monday and did not get my paper work until the Friday before leaving, However, some get their paperwork a week or two in advance. Where is the fairness in this? Some patients get to choose which hotel they want to stay in, whereas others are told that Coomeeva regulates that and that the office on Saba has no say in such.
People of Saba, enough is enough. We have paid health insurance for years. ZVK is not doing us a favour by regulating our paperwork for Colombia, this is their job! However, they run the office as if it belongs to them personally, that by the end of the day they fold it up and take it home. I am supposed to travel to Colombia this month; however, I was told that only children are being sent this month, because the price of tickets is so high. Strange enough, I understood from 2 adults that they already have their travel dates for the 15th of July. What is going on? People of Saba wake up and speak out.
As a born Saban, I do not intend to sit back and accept this unfairness. I will be sending an official letter to ZVK’s head office on Bonaire and to the Ministry of Health in the Netherlands with all of my concerns.

Name withheld at author’s request.


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