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Opinion: To OCW or Not to OCW, That’s the Question!

Dear Editor,

I’m sure by now everyone has heard that the SEF Board decided to unilaterally cancel a meeting with the parents of students at SCS.  The board cited a lot of reasons why they needed to reschedule the meeting one of which was that OCW could attend.  Is that a viable reason?  Is that a reason that should be used? From where I sit and I will admit that my point-of-view may be a bit distorted but OCW has nothing to do with anything especially when it comes to the schools on Saba.  In fact, I would go one step further and say that they, OCW, should spend some time fixing their exam results problems in their own backyard namely Bonaire.

If you go back to the article that was published on Saba News dated June 26, 2014, and in case you can’t find it the article it’s entitled “Second Chamber is concerned about Education and Other Issues.”  The article states that The Second Chamber is concerned with the “shocking exam results” on Bonaire and the “crises between the board and management of Saba Comprehensive School”. Shocking results was how Van Laar described the situation.  These results were brought to the students and parents of Bonaire by OCW and these are the people that the board wants to hold up as a shining example of qualified. I don’t think so?  In fact, I will go out on the limb and say that they haven’t a clue and if the board is looking to them for direction, guidance and support then the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.

OCW is appointed and like so many civil servants, and I use the term in the worst pejorative sense, it’s about not rocking the boat.  It’s about their self-interest. Bonaire is there and we are here.  There is no similarities between us and them but yet they dictate to the board what they should and shouldn’t do.  I’m sorry, did I misspeak?  I meant that the board looks to them for guidance because they are clueless and are not capable of thinking for themselves.  Why are the clueless?  The reason is really simply.  They believe that power is maintained by terrorizing people.  They claim to be ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the school yet SCS exam scores improved year after year since Hemmie Van Xanten arrived and now the board fired him.  I sorry but when your contract isn’t renewed not by your choice then you’ve been fired. The board is trusting OCW whose own students had shocking exam results with our children, our future who have been passing with flying colors.  That logic escapes me but there I go again injecting logic into the conversation.

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  1. OCW are useless. Look at the other islands and their performance vs. Saba. Funny how OCW is supporting the boards decisions or perhaps influenced the boards decisions. OCW don’t want Saba to outshine the other islands as they afraid Hemmie will take their job. Maybe he should