Saturday , December 2 2023

And again: bored by the board

It was agreed that there would be a meeting with the board of the Saba Education Foundation (SEF) yesterday, Monday the 14th of July 4:30 pm at the Sunny Valley Youth Centre.

Again a group of parents, teachers and other people who were worried about what had happened at the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) showed up. Even several other parents, teachers etc. than on Friday the 11th. To the astonishment of those who were early, the doors were still closed and it looked as if there was nobody in the building. it was just after some time – thanks to contacts with the police, that there was a rumour that the meeting had been replaced to the school in St John’s. Because people could hardly believe this, one drove with his car to that school in order to be able to confirm whether this was true. And it was true that the board was waiting there instead of at the Sunny Valley Centre.

It was only then that it became clear that an email would have been sent to one of the parents about this change at about 2:00 that same afternoon, which was conceived to be an incredible thing by the people waiting there. First of all that one parent appeared  not to have seen that message yet and even when that would have been the case she said that she could never have contacted everybody to inform them. This definitely looked like a new trick and the reaction was a mixture of unbelief, of irritation and of laughing.

When the group arrived at the school, they heard first that the board was not there anymore. This was for the majority so ridiculous that almost everybody was grinning. Strange enough the situation appeared to be different: the three women of the board were inside the building (did not show their face outside) and send a message by a police officer that others than the parents would have no access to the meeting.

It was with difficulty that some parents could be convinced by others of the group, that it would be better to go in and have the confrontation with the board. Teachers and other residents left the scene. More news about they called a real circus is to follow.

2014-07-14-waitingWaiting at Sunny Valley Youth Centre

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  1. Friends of parents on SCS

    It’s time for us to increase the pressure on the board. Chris Johnson is not the solution to the problem but part of the problem. He stood outside telling people “this isn’t my meeting”. I believe that Chris Johnson our Commissioner of Education stood outside because he was the gate keeper. He wanted to see how bad the carnage was going to be from the parents.

    The board won the day. They achieved their goals. They caused confusion, angered parents, the press and anyone who takes an interest in the island. They continue to believe that are above the law.

  2. Well My Dears….. I Really and Truly I Tell you ….

    Last nights action of the Board STINKS!!!

    You want the public to support the school you want the community to give money for events and make donations but you don’t give a damn about the ‘General Public.’

    You forget that some of us of the General Public have more Teaching and Educational experience than the whole lot of the SCS Board!

    Many of your own Children who return to Saba .to teach at SCS or at the lower school step down and find other jobs. Houston, I think we have a problem!!!!

    They want the Parents to quiet down and play nice while they did not play nice with the school management team or the teachers.

    Let them keep their actions private….let them hide behind old rules that gives them ABSOLUTE Power…. when the walls tumble down again….these three ‘Un-Civil Servants’ who have been appointed by Chris Johnson will probably step down and leave the mess to a new group who will have to take the blame for the current actions and inaction’s by our illustrious Commissioner Chris Johnson!

    Chris Johnson….Shame on YOU! for allowing this travesty to occur.

  3. Chris Johnson does nothing. He never even been to a graduation ceremony or make a regular visitation to the school. What is he being paid for ? It’s our tax dollars that pay him and apparently all he does is claim as a Commissioner of Education that he cant do anything. Seems that the only thing he can do is go drinking on a regular basis. He need to GO!