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Who reads Saba News?

Dear reader of Saba News,

We often get the questions about the numbers of readers that visit the Saba News website. Of course we do not know our individual readers, but we do have some software installed that counts the number of visits, i.e. the number of articles read per day.  To give you an overview we share some recent data with you.

Lets’s start with the number of articles that are read per day during the last month.


You notice that there is quite a variation during the observation period. If there is little news to publish, Saba News is read some 2000 times each day. In contrast, when some intense discussion are going on, like recently, this increases to 4000 times articles are read per day. It may be easier to grasp this in numbers:

visits in numbers

The data for “Today” are the numbers counted up to 2 pm, so the numbers will increase during the day.

The number of visitors relates to the number of different IP addresses counted, i.e., the number of individual internet addresses of our readers. As most people on Saba have the same external IP address, our readers from Saba are counted as one visitor.

Where do our readers come from?

On the bases of the IP address, it is possible to determine the approximate location of the internet connection from which Saba News is read. When we take the visitors of last week we find the following distribution:


Satel, our internet providers has registered the IP addresses from Saba as originating from Curacao, so the Saba readers are counted here. Note that some 18 percent of our readers originates from The Netherlands and approximately one third of them is located in the province of South Holland, where The Hague is situated.

Of course these data vary over time, but they do give a good indication of the average reader population that we reach.

For questions, please contact me through the link at the bottom of the page.


Sip Swierstra

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