Tuesday , March 28 2023

Bonaire supermarkets: prices are not very high, but salaries are the problem

Caribisch Netwerk reports that the supermarkets on Bonaire are of the opinion that their prices are not at all very high. “The problem is the income of the people”, says Frits van Ham, the president of the Bonaire importers and supermarkets (VBIS). Yet the supermarkets are willing to reach a hand.

Frits van Ham, president of VBIS. (Photo Belkis Osepa)
Frits van Ham, president of VBIS.
(Photo Belkis Osepa)

They propose to compile a basket of 36 current products that are often sold and offer these for an affordable price. An agreement concerning such a “basket” has been reached among VBIS, the consumers organization, Unkobon, and the local government. According to this agreement, supermarkets, that are a member of VBIS, have until September 1 to start the offering at least one brand of the so called “Bon Kompra” products (Good Buy). Nearly all major supermarkets on Bonaire are a member of VBIS.

The consumers organization Unbokon thinks that this is a good initiative, but is of the opinion that consumer prices must be considered and, in addition, that something needs to be done about the lower incomes.

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