Saturday , December 2 2023

Tax refunds can be deposited automatically into your bank account


Recently the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland (Tax Office) took a big step forward in its service. Taxpayers who inform the Belastingdienst in time about their bank account number will receive their tax refunds automatically into their bank accounts.

The Belastingdienst continually strives to optimize its service. Until recently, it took the tax payer some time to receive his tax refunds. One had to pay a visit to the Belastingdienst, identify oneself and make a payment request for the refund. For tax payers who pass on their bank account number to the Belastingdienst, this is no longer necessary. You can do so by stopping by only once at the Belastingdienst and completing a form. This form can also be downloaded from the website Please also include a copy of your ID.

You will then receive a confirmation from the Belastingdienst that your account number has been activated for refunds. As of that moment, the Belastingdienst will use the indicated account number for all refunds. Payment of a refund (after possible deduction of any outstanding tax debts) will from then on take place automatically.

This grants the Belastingdienst solely permission to deposit money into your account. Therefore, you are not granting the Tax Office permission for any other transactions.


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