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BES students have left for studying in The Netherlands

NTR-Caribisch Netwerk reports that on Sunday, August 3rd nine Bonaire students travelled to the Netherlands to start their studies. Also two students from Saba and nine from Statia leave the BES on another flight from Sint Maarten to the Netherlands. A total of 43 students from the Dutch Caribbean went to the Netherlands to study, but only 16 students opted for the support of St. Maarten Student Support Services (S4). The others take care of everything themselves.

Arnd Chirino (17), from Bonaire, is eager to begin his new life. On August 4 He dives into the student life in the Netherlands and begins to build his future. His dream? Starting a business to make Bonaire better, but he also asks something in return: on his return, Bonaire should treat him as a professional.

Arnd Chirino
Arnd Chirino (17) start his studies in The Netherlands (Photo Belkis Osepa)

Chirino has deliberately chosen to go the Netherlands. On Bonaire, the options for a follow-up study are limited and he has heard less positive stories about the University of Curaçao, Chirino said. After a visit to the Netherlands last year, he made ​​the decision.

The students have to adapt in the Netherlands. Chirino thinks that his major challenge will be getting used to the weather. However, his weakest point is the Dutch language. In the past, it has been found, for some students, that the Dutch language is a stumbling block. Chirino: “I grew up in an Antillian family and at home we only speak Papiamentu. I’m going to pay extra attention to the Dutch language. After arrival, I start with a Dutch course for six months. ”

Arnd Chirino definitely wants to return to Bonaire later. He plans to contribute to the further advancement of his native island. As far as employment is concerned, Chirino hopes for a slightly different attitude of the people on the island for Bonaireans returning after their studies. “I know of cases of people who come back after a study, but got no work. Or they are not well paid, while they have to pay off their student loan. After my return, I want to be considered as a professional. ”

There are also BES students who have received Dutch student loans, but who choose not to study in the Netherlands. Thirteen students go to the United States. Ten choose for Curacao and Aruba will receive one BES student. The Student Section of the National Caribbean Netherlands (RCN) has 21 student loans registered for a study on Bonaire itself.

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