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No major security problems during Carnival

No major security problems were reported during the 11 days of 2014 Summer Carnival Festival, writes The Daily Herald. Security for the various events inside Carnival village was provided by the Island Government through local private security contractors Verna Private Security (VPS) and Smart Security Company. The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN handled security outside the village and during the various road marches and parades.
Police said there were minor altercations on the final day of carnival outside the village, but since no one was hurt and no damages were reported, no charges were filed. One woman did sustain head and arm injuries after collapsing on Sunday at Princess Juliana Sports Field. She was later taken to A.M. Edwards Medical Center for treatment, and is recovering at home, according to the report.
“It went good. Everything was secured nicely,” said Verna Robinson-Simmons of VPS. “We found no weapons at all. We had a good working relationship with the police. They were there outside in case we needed any assistance. They were our back-up, so thanks to them also. Everybody left their weapons at home.”
The Island Government contracted four private security personnel to provide internal security at Carnival Village. Each security company provided two workers. They worked a total of eight days for Carnival, including the Children’s Parade on Sunday, July 27. The only additional security needed was for the “Back in Da Days Night,” featuring The Mighty Sparrow on Tuesday, July 22.
Outside the village, the police with additional reinforcements from St. Maarten and Bonaire helped enforce a zero-tolerance policy. “I think the police did what they were expected to do. I didn’t look for them to do anything more than that,” said lead Carnival organizer Dave Levenstone of Saba Cultural Foundation. “All-in-all, I think it went well. Government took care of the security at the gate and I was thankful for that. Security inside the village needs to be something that is well structured, but it is not. The night of the Sparrow show we had to employ two security officers to make sure no one rushed the stage. Those are the issues we need to look after.”


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