Wednesday , March 29 2023

Update 2: Be HAPPY on Saba

In case that you have slow internet access, click here to download the film (26 MB)
Click the blue “Download” button at the top of the page.

Note Editor Saba-News: we are sorry, but we had to remove the link because of copyright issues. If you have a slow internet connection please find a method to download it from Youtube and enjoy this marvelous video.

Pack your suitcase and join us:

Happy on Saba

Letter to 2nd Chamber with report about CN- week (in Dutch)
Annual Saba Hell's Gate Triathlon scheduled for January 31, 2015


  1. René Caderius van Veen

    Much appreciation for the makers of this. However, downloading on Saba is too slow on many moments and the very nice video is focusing on just one hotel.

  2. A lot of people have been working together to create this beautiful short film. I am surprised that there is a copyright holder that tries to stop “Saba advertising” and certainly to prevent Sabans to see the film in an undisturbed way.
    Just download the film from Youtube. When you click this link, you can download a free Youtube download software from CNET, so it is safe to use.

    BTW after installing this software the company offers their latest update. This is also free and safe to use.

  3. I loved this video! I recognized all the places in the video and many of the people that participated. Saba is truly the Happiest place in the world !!

  4. It does make me want to return one day.