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Chris Johnson Statement start of 2014 – 2015 School-year

Commissioner of Education, Chris Johnson issued a statement at the start of the 2014- 2015 school year. In his statement he wished students, teachers and parents at the island’s primary and secondary schools a “positive and productive school year”. He encouraged students in particular to strive for excellence in their studies, while asking parents to continue to be involved in study careers of their children. “The benefits of education have never been more apparent, it touches all aspects of society from income to healthcare.”

“Investments in education are at an all-time high and on Saba never have more resources been more accessible than they have become in the past few years. More services are now available to students of every age from daycare to secondary school. Students and their parents should keep informed to ensure that they are taking advantage of all these services that are being provided for their benefit.”

“Education is a dynamic environment with some changes apparent in the short term and others take time before their effects can be seen. During the course of this year, construction of a new facility to house the kindergarten and the day care centers will begin. Having all educational facilities in one location will allow for more efficient education system where services can be delivered in a more structured way,” the commissioner stated.


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  1. Read what Mr. Johnson writes in his press release: “Investments in education are at an all-time high and on Saba never have more resources been more accessible than they have become in the past few years.”
    Has he been on Saba recently? Does he get updated on the situation? Or does he support the performance of his school board?

  2. Well said Frank…. but our illustrious Commissioner of Education has NO …. I repeat NO …power over Saba Comprehensive School. He has power only over pre-school and the adult education program and the use of the government facilities. For all of his pontificating and beating of his chest when all the mess started he knew there was nothing that he could do.

    All POWER rests with the current Saba Education Foundation Board….. they are an entity to themselves and the POWER is all theirs….. they answer only to OCW and the Ministry of Education….. Currently the Board has OCW rep. Noely Oleana in their purse and can do no wrong….

    The statutes for the Board are pre-10-10-10 and do not currently reflect the way a proper Dutch School Board should function. The articles are draconian and outdated…..and the BOARD currently holds all the keys to the liquor cabinet…..’It is a Fine Mess ‘…..

  3. One more thing…. Investments are at an all time high…. The cost of getting all of those new teachers here is in the Thousands…… every work permit, every plane ticket etc. Let’s estimate somewhere around 30 to 40k total….. and was not necessary….That money could have been used for fixing the leaking windows and the classrooms that flood when it rains. So much for investments.

  4. Another concerned parent

    “Investments in education are at an all-time high and on Saba never have more resources been more accessible than they have become in the past few years”. Please read that again and try to connect this statement with the reality on Saba. If you don’t get it, just read the statement again…
    1. Investment in education is at an all-time high. Allowing 6 teachers and a principal to go while 84% of your students pass with 6 subjects for CXC this year (last year this was 100%) and all Vocational students pass again this year with 100%?
    You, commissioner of education, approve this investment made by the SEF to replace all these qualified educators? An investment of close to USD 40.0000? Seen the examination results this is a waste of government money (read taxes paid by all people living in The Netherlands) and the SEF should be fully responsible and accountable for this waste of spending public money.
    I strongly support that an internal investigation should start about the actions and abuse of school funding. Because I am sure that the school could have taught about spending the money more wisely; Physical Education equipment, tablets for students, upgrade the Dutch academic level, etc. to have indeed a proper investment in education.

    “… and on Saba never have more resources been more accessible than they have become in the past few years”. Read this again and ask yourself how much use did SKJ/adult education make of these accessible resources, available at the SCS to promote education in general? NEVER!! They never made use of these accessible resources because SEF simply did not allow them to use this.
    These dictators, I understand that one has left the sinking ship, decided for themselves what was best without any discussion.
    So Mr. Commissioner, I have to disappoint you with your remarks made in your opening of the academic school year 2014 – 2015. They are incorrect and when you read them again you might want to rectify them and base it on the facts.

  5. One rat down I heard so and three to go. Enough is enough and the only question i keeps repeating is where are the new teachers? How is this or was this in the best interest of the students and school? them kids sitting in class doing nothing that they should be learning and not being babysat to cover up all this bull. Shameful but they have to live with themself and answer to the lord Amen.

  6. singing in the Rain

    Yea right , with his first statement in this article…Blah Blah Blah…all he does is talk and it means nothing…he hides be hide the skirts that works at the Government buildings. he ain’t no man, he fools you with his crooked smile. but tell him he have have kids coming up let us see what he will do if he still Commissioner of Education.He don’t give a rats **** about education if he did he would have taken care of the problem that is happening now..all he says HE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT….. Yea Right!
    They all need to go…