Saturday , December 2 2023

Family Fun and Resource Day

The Daily Herald writes that Saba Centre for Youth and Families of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) held its first Family Fun and Resource Day on Sunday at Johan Cruiff Sports Field in The Bottom. The event drew a significant number of families and community organisations to help educate the public on the various community resources available to families. “A lot of kids came out with their families, along with partners that we work with from different parts of our community,” said Monique DaCosta-Wilson, a social worker of the Center for Youth and Families. “The attendance was really good. It was the first time we have had something like this. We gave away a lot of schoolbags and school supplies.”

Several game stations were set up around the perimeter of the field, where young people competed for prizes and played games. At each of the stations, community organisations such as Child Focus, Social Affairs, Saba Fit, Saba Triathlon Foundation, Saba REACH, the Saba Island Government, the Saba Health Care Foundation, the Dutch Caribbean Police Community Officers and others posed questions to the young people explaining the services each group provides.

“Each child would have found out more information about each of the people,” said Tessa Alexander. “As they went to each station, they would find out what each organisation specialised in and how they could assist their families.” Three levels of prizes were given out, with Edward Zagers claiming the grand prize. Agnes Hassell and Bea Durand also won prizes. The prizes consisted of school supplies, a Chippie phone card, a Scramble Game, Pizza Night and a family portrait.

Prizes and food were sponsored by the Centre for Youth and Families. Organisers say they plan to sponsor similar events at the last weekend of each month with the same goal of helping to bring community and social resources together.

“This was the first one and we want this to be an annual returning event,” said social worker Caroline Teeuwen. “The goal for the Centre for Youth and Families is to be here for the families, especially the children. We are concerned about the safety and development of the child, but to make sure that happens, the family has to be stable. We also help parents with other problems they may have. “We organised this event to include the whole family in the fun part. The child is the centre of the family. So parents can have fun with their children, while getting the information about all the help available on the island.”


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