Friday , March 24 2023

Update: Dutch Education Council will visit Saba August 26-28

On their Facebook site the SCS made the following announcement:

Please be informed that the parent meeting with the VO-Raad has been rescheduled. Instead of Wednesday 12:00 – 13:00, the VO-Raad will meet you on TUESDAY from 13:00 – 15:00.


The SCS has published on their Facebook site a letter from the Dutch Secondary Education Council (VO-Raad) to the parents of the SCS. In this letter the indicate that they have been asked to advise and support the Saba Comprehensive School. The letter did not indicate who had requested their support.

The Secondary Education Council is a federation of boards of secondary schools. In their mission statement, they mention that they intend to look after the interests of secondary schools. They organize activities for members of the board and directors of schools with the objective to improve the quality of education.

Two representatives from the VO-Raad will visit Saba from August 26-28. On Wednesday, August 27, they have reserved one hour between 12 am and 1 pm to meet with the parents. In their letter to the parents they announced that they want to “listen to your stories about the school and to discuss your challenges for the future.”

The two representatives that will visit Saba are Mr. Sjoerd Slagter, former President of the VO-Raad , and Mr. Wim Littooij, chairman of the school board of the CVO schools in Rotterdam.

Mr. Sjoerd Slagter
Mr. Sjoerd Slagter
Mr. Wim Littooij
Mr. Wim Littooij

The CVO school board is one of the bigger ones in The Netherlands. Their schools serve some 20,000 students and they have some 2300 employees. The board governs schools at 40 locations in the Rotterdam area. One may observe, that there is a huge difference in scale between the CVO schools and the SCS.

For further information:

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  1. good about high time. hopefully they recommend to fire this damn board and fix the damn school. it is in a mess. I hope they meeting with parents because I got a lot to say and Raquel and Tabby better go hide and prey i don’t uncover they.

  2. You come how many thousands of miles and you reserve only 1 hour in the middle of the day for parents? I don’t think that this is their plan….. something tells me that this is the Board’s doing. Again….scheduling in the middle of the day?…. There already seems to be confusion about the exact date and time of the meeting. The Board seems to be back to their old TRICK or TREATS and try and keep the parents away from these gentlemen.

  3. During academic year 2011-2012 all secondary schools in the Caribbean Netherlands were able to use the help from a school coach, facilitated by the VO-raad and funded by the ministry of OCW. This person did valuable work in supporting the management team, but was refused by the (previous) board. Also the next school year this coach was available to coach the management and the board. But during her first visit in August 2012, she was told by Mr. Hemmie that he and the board didn’t need any help from outside. In my opinion not a very wise decision, and again a waste of money.

  4. Dear Outsider…. you are totally mistaken…… there was a Teacher Coach on hand for the last year and a half (Under Mr. Hemmie) and she worked closely with all teachers. These guys from Vo-Raad are not here for that.

  5. Dear Confused, I am totally right. There also was a teacher coach under Mr. Hemmie, but before there was a School Coach, supporting the management. The first year she regularly visited the secondary schools on all three islands. After being sent away on Saba she worked with the schools on Statia and Bonaire.

  6. This is the letter we have sent to the Board and Vo-Raad .

    We the parents of the students at Saba Comprehensive School, were notified on Friday afternoon, August 22, 2014, that two key individuals from the Ministry of Education’s Secondary Council, Sjoerd Slagter the former president of the Dutch Secondary Council and Wim Littooij the chair of the School Board of CVO Rotterdam would be on Saba for two days and have requested a meeting with us, the parents.

    The Saba Educational Foundation Board consistently ignores any requests from us, the parents. Further they refuse to answer our questions or consult with us prior to making policy decisions concerning the education of our children. A Teacher has posted on Facebook that the meeting with these representatives is now on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, between the hours of 1 – 3 PM. This specific meeting has now been rescheduled twice. Each time the meeting is scheduled in the middle of the day making it very diffecult for many parents to attend.

    We welcome a meeting with these representatives from the Ministry of Education. We will make every attempt to meet at the stated time, however we would like to suggest a second session – a group meeting with time at the end for anyone desiring a one-on-one meeting at 6 PM on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at a location to be determined. We feel that two hours is insufficient for us to discuss the numerous challenges facing the school for this current school year and beyond. We also are requesting no teachers, school management or board members be present in our meetings.

    Finally, we strongly suggest that any meetings with the teachers should be scheduled individually without the presence of school management or board members in order to facilitate candid conversations without fear of retribution from SCS’s Management or the Saba Educational Foundation Board.

  7. I hopes they agree to meet in the evening as I’m working and cant take 2 hours off for extended lunch breaks unlike several government workers that also sit on the board

  8. Now the meeting has been scheduled at a time where it is almost certain that only a very small number of parents can join. Is this on purpose or is it just stupidity? In both cases there is is no real point to talk to these people.

  9. I disagree as the point is to tell them to launch an investigation into all this corruption. My kids future is at stake so there is absolutely a point.

  10. Another concerned parent

    I was just informed that both ladies are planning to resign from the board. Hallelujah!! The only obstacle is Chris Johnson who want’s to keep them here, same as last time when they resigned about polo shirts. Chris, LET THEM GO. There are many others who can do a better job. You blame the parents on Saba that your hands are tight and you can’ do anything fr those who had to leave, well stick to this and do nothing now too. Leave this up to the parents and the two ladies. The school will continue running without them.

  11. hey parents whats the updates from you all meeting with vo raad? do not hold back information now come clean?
    these big shots come all the way from holland they must have come with something please share. what was discussions about?

  12. Jake: Loads of information was shared with this investigative body and special meetings were held. It is in the hands of the Dutch Government and we should know the outcome soon. Parents, Teachers and Concerned Citizens have sought out these gentlemen and have expressed their concerns.

    We do know that this visit was not just a plain old vanilla visit….according to the gentlemen, they were here at the behest of the State Secretary because of a complaint that was filed with his office at the end of July. They were supposed to just be going to Bonaire and Saba was added because of public outcry and the information that was personally delivered to the State Secretary’s office.

  13. My God it make it all the way up to parliment. This bring shame on little Saba and it is the doing of nasty people working in the government building. We all know this for true and I hope the Dutch throws the book at al them. Next year is election time and no free drink or bribe will make me put Commisioner Johnson on my vote and I hopes many people dont be fooled by that trickery. Mr. Hemmie need to be put back in that school now before it too late. This new man don’t know Saba and look at all the confusion since he started. Shameful!

  14. saffy seems that you do not know a thing you talkin about. why would the Dutch throw the book at them? what wrong have they done? saffy my dear by the way you talkin you was never no voter of commissioner chris so hush your mouth. i do not think that the commissioner going to miss your vote so hush.
    saffy how comes the ex director never get a lawyer? all these big shot Dutch officials them come and gone how come they did not put back the ex director in his position?
    what is truly the fight here. I is at a loss.

  15. You always lost. If they do no wrong then why so many Sabans complain? They done wrong to many but most of all they wronged the kids of Saba. My kids sitiing in classrooms and not being taught they subjects they should be because they lie and tell us teachers will be here on time and they wasnt. Nothin wrong with all those good teachers last year and I hope the law comes dow on them responsible. Nothing happens overnight but this will happen as it has been causing problems for near six months and it getting worse. You say noting will be done yet we got officials here now that met with parents and teachers. Only a matter of time till lawyers are involved so I hear. This just adding to the foundation. This keep growing and wont stop until right corrects wrong. We shall see what happens but if you is who I know you is then you soundin afraid. I do vote and I know who I wont be votng for. Maybe you need to hush your own mouth and save it for your page. I know well who you is uncle Jake. You not foolin anyone. Dont you have a job to do at the government now or is our taxes paying you to stir up trouble. Bet that shut you up for good. Save your drama for St Kits you not from here.

  16. Another concerned parent

    Dear all, I believe there is a lot of confusion among parents and everyone involved in education, especially those, including me, who have children at the SCS. It is not about the ex-director who did not get a contract renewed. It is not about the teachers who got their contract not renewed. It is about the way things have been played out over their heads.
    The school board made decisions based on one person who is working in the school. Everything that happens in school is immediately messaged to the board. In this way the director nor management team can operate freely, as a result that decisions by the board are not made based on school recommendations but by only one single person, who wishes to see things happen her way. The not renewal of the directors’ contract is purely based on self interest. The fact that three other teachers did not get a renewal only suits her position in school. The new principal has seen more visits from her in his office than the official deputy director. All this shows that there is a hidden agenda between this person, the board members and the commissioner. Heads had to roll in order to get others into certain positions.
    There is still no valid reason why they all had to leave, but bringing this back to one person it makes sense that there was a clean sweep of personnel necessary in order for her to move forward.
    The new director is overwhelmed by her presence. Where is the real deputy of the SCS? She has been put aside so that the truth could not be revealed.
    It is all a political game that started before April this year. Promises among each other were made but at the end, thanks to parents and loyal teachers, these promises could not become reality. A new director was appointed and he did absolutely not know in what situation he was getting himself in.
    Now after the VO-raad had meetings with teachers, parents and others the reality became clear.
    The board has used various excuses for not renewing the contracts, excuses which were never discussed with the individual teachers. In my opinion they are looking for an escape goat in order to save their asses. But believe me, the delegation from the VO-raad listened carefully to all stakeholders and soon we will hear their outcome, presented to the State Secretary. This situation is not about individual performance but is based on political promises. In order to reap these promises, certain heads had to role.

  17. Another concerned parent

    Dear Jake, your comments are based on pure insinuations. Not only the ex-director but also a number of teachers are having a lawyer who will investigate the actions of several board members based on bullying, unprofessional attitude and intimidation. You will hear about that soon. This sage is far from over since there is only one judge who will decide what is right and what is wrong. Thank GOD.