Tuesday , March 28 2023

New Facility Sea Saba in Fort Bay opened


Sea Saba proudly opened its new Fort Bay facility on Friday, August 22, 2014.  The Saba Government owns the complex which has fisherman units on the first level along with two reverse osmosis facilities and 2 dive shops as tenants.

Sea Saba chose two units on the 2nd level in order to comfortably and safely operate their scuba diving business.  The first unit accommodates the air/nitrox filling stations and all rental equipment while the second unit is the workshop area where welding and fabrication equipment is used. SeaSabaFactory

Owner John Magor was all smiles as he gave a tour to the 80 or more construction workers, government officials, dive community, fellow business owners and neighbors who showed up for the celebration.  “It took a long time but we are very pleased with the facility and the effort by the Saba and Dutch Governments to improve the Fort Bay in general and to specifically provide a building that should protect us from any future storm surge.”


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