Wednesday , December 6 2023

Youth prosecutors meet on Curaçao

The Daily Herald writes that Public Prosecutors in charge of youth affairs from St. Maarten, Curaçao, Bonaire and St. Eustatius and Saba (BES) met on Thursday and Friday in Willemstad. The meeting was coordinated and hosted by the Attorney-General, and was an initiative of the Prosecutor’s Office St. Maarten.

The goal of the meeting was to realise an exchange of views and ideas between the islands in regards to youth affairs. The Prosecutors gave a presentation regarding their portfolio and problems they encounter in their daily work regarding youth affairs on their respective islands. On Friday, the Prosecutors visited educational institute “Feffik” and the Social Development Programme (Sociaal Vormings Traject-SVT) at the Netherlands Royal Marines Base at Suffisant, where they received some insight in the progress and details about Compulsory Social Development on Curaçao.

The meeting was deemed a big success by the Prosecutors Office. All those present agreed that they will be working closer together to learn from each other’s cases. The Prosecutor’s Office of St. Maarten, the BESislands and Curaçao have named youth crime and its prevention as one of its spearheads and will work in cooperation with partners both within and outside of the justice-chain in addressing this type of crime.


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