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Opinion: rally against crime is needed

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday August 20th, 2014, two young men were sent from Statia to Bonaire for pre-trail detention.   They are suspected of committing various robberies on the island.   I do not know the intricacies of the two cases to comment on these charges and will absolutely make no attempt to do so.   What I will state is that on this day, many more individuals should have taken the trip to Bonaire with them.

Included on this trip to Bonaire should be those individuals committing white collar crimes.   In criminology the two young men now in Bonaire are accused of committing what is referred to as blue collar crimes.  Blue collar crimes are those crimes committed by individuals from a lower social class.  Let’s just say those who are disenfranchised-not making enough money to survive or not presented with the opportunity to improve one’s standing in society.  In addition to blue collar crimes, there are also white collar crimes or those committed by individuals of a higher-level social class.  It is a simple fact that there is often an increase in the number of blue collar crimes when a significant number of white collar crimes are being committed. 

White collar crimes often go unprosecuted because they are insidious meaning that they cause harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed.  One such white collar crime is direct embezzlement.  Direct embezzlement entails the theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.  Without mentioning any specifics, if there was no embezzlement, there would be more money to spend on projects that are important to the development of the island’s infrastructure.  This would increase the number of jobs available to employ the nations youth so that they would not have to commit crimes.  Send them to Bonaire.

There is also the indirect embezzler.  This is someone who hoard’s money.  These people make sure that they set up themselves so that the money that comes to the island goes directly into their own pockets.  Thus, all the financial capital remains in the hands of one or two individuals who for some unknown reason have been able to, and are continually allowed to, strategically place themselves into a prominent position.  These types of crimes happen so often on this small island that it has just become normal and accepted.  It is time to identify this type of behavior, prosecute and give them a free trip to Bonaire.   

Another type of crime that is now ingrained in Statia’s culture is defamation of character.  Defamation of character is any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable options or feelings against the person.  The vehicle for the defamation of a person’s character is gossip.  Gossip is the idle talk or rumor, especially about personal or private affairs of others.  While gossip is a normal characteristic of humanity, it becomes very harmful and dangerous in a small community when gossip is directly intended to isolate and disenfranchise certain individuals.  Thus, based on many ideas that may or may not be true (personal business is really just NO ONE’S BUSINESS), individuals are denied jobs or are just simply treated in a disrespectful manner.  Defamation of character can be a criminal or civil crime. It encompasses both written statements and spoken statements, called slander.  Gossip simply can hurt people’s livelihood and those who practice this behavior should be prosecuted and placed on the plane to Bonaire. 

Yet another category of disturbing crimes which go unnoticed and often not prosecuted is the violence against women and children.  Violence and abuse affect women and children from all kinds of backgrounds every day. Sometimes, women and children are attacked by strangers, but most often they are hurt by people who are close to them. Violence and abuse can cause terrible physical and emotional pain.  Any violence including sexual abuse (penetration of a non-consenting individual) is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the people of Statia.  Individuals who intentionally abuse women and children should be prosecuted, put on a plane and placed under the jail in Bonaire. 

Unfortunately, many of the examples of the crimes mentioned above do not get prosecuted.  As a result these people are seldom punished and are empowered to continue their criminal tendencies.  If this pathological trend continues, Statia’s development WILL be inhibited and its people WILL fail to flourish.  If you wish to become knowledgeable of the new BES law you may visit  Let’s move forward with a zero tolerance attitude so that this beautiful island can blossom and reach its full potential.  

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  1. Thank you Incognito for sharing these thoughts with us. They do not only apply to Statia but have universal values.
    You also explain why we need Bonaire. If we could move all Saba’s blue and white collar criminals to Bonaire, our world would be much better.

  2. To be fair we only have to look back to “The Great Depression” (The twisted thirties after the “Roaring Twenties”, because only a dullard would deny we are deeply amidst, the much smoke screened, now).

    At least back then the white collar criminals had the decency to shoot themselves in the head or jump out of a window.

    Ah the good ol’ days, before the bailouts.