Tuesday , March 28 2023

Saba Reach completes first term of language courses

The Saba Reach Foundation (SRF) has completed its first term of accredited language courses in collaboration with the University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC) located on Curaçao. This writes The Daily Herald. The English as a Second Language (ESL), Dutch and Spanish courses were developed and offered in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) beginner’s levels A1 and A2.
CEFR is a widely accepted framework which provides a consistent method of learning, instruction, and assessments which can be applied to all European languages. The framework is used to categorise the proficiency and acquired competences of learners of European languages.
The term started on March 31 this year and continued for 13 weeks until 27 students sat their exams during the week of August 25, of which 85 percent passed. These students will receive their UDC certificates on September 24 at the Saba Reach Foundation’s third annual Banana Salsa Party, along with graduating Youth Opportunity Path (SKJ) students who will be receiving their Reach Labour Market certificates.
Saba Reach Board and Adult Education department staff said to be proud of the students’ accomplishments. By offering these courses for the three most commonly used languages on the island, and also throughout the Dutch Caribbean, SRF aims to participate in improving the social and professional communication skills of Saba residents so as to facilitate their growth and success in the Caribbean Netherlands labour market. CEFR’s internationally recognised competencies evaluation system also makes it possible that the students’ certificates will be of value and recognised everywhere.

The Fall term language courses began on September 1 and have been extended to 16 weeks of classroom sessions scheduled twice per week for one and a half hours each. The term will end on January 16 and exams will be held during the week of January 19. All classes are held at the Eugenius Johnson Centre and Child Focus in The Windwardside.


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