Wednesday , December 6 2023

Art in the Garden, a lovely event last Saturday


Saba Reach Foundation (SRF) held its third annual Art in the Garden event on Saturday, September 13th at the Social Workplace Organoponics Garden in The Level. Consistent with the previous two Art in the Garden occasions, the event was organized in collaboration with local artist Heleen Cornet and several volunteering local artists that are guided by her.

The purpose of such events is to actively engage customers of all ages with the produce of the SRF Organoponics Garden through an artistic and shared experience. This year the participation fee was five dollars which included painting materials, juices and salads made with fruit and vegetables freshly harvested from the Organoponics Garden.
Over forty art enthusiasts attended the event of which a vast majority were students from the Sacred Heart School accompanied by their parents, high school siblings and after-school care providers. The event was also supported by the assistance of several volunteers who helped with the preparation of materials and snacks. Participants sat throughout the garden drawing and painting depictions of flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables as they are grown at the Organoponics Garden.
When their pieces were finished, several participants traced and painted their work onto a new plywood sign stating Fresh Fruit – Veggies Organic Garden which will be placed outside of the facility. The organizers of the event were pleased with the turn-out, level of involvement, team-work, and enthusiasm of all of the participants and are looking forward to organizing the event again next year.


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