Wednesday , November 29 2023

Letter from Commissioner Johnson to Saba Educational Alliance i.o.

Today, the Commissioner of Education of the Public Entity Saba, Chris Johnson, has made his letter to the Saba Educational Alliance public. Its contents are depicted below:

Dear Members of the Saba Educational Alliance (in oprichting) and to all others addressed,

Please be informed that I am in receipt of your letter addressed to the Executive Council dated September 15th 2014 concerning your request for a public meeting at the premises of the Saba Comprehensive School on September 20th. 

In addition your letter lists a series of your priorities and objectives to be executed in the field of education on Saba.

With regards to the request for a public meeting to be held on the school premises on Saturday 20th please be informed that your request is denied. 

With regards to your list of priorities and objectives I would like to inform you of the following:  on Friday September 19th I will publicly inform all stakeholders in education, and the general public, as to the path forward in the field of secondary education on Saba.     

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently, 

I remain sincerely,

Chris Johnson

Commissioner of Education of the Public Entity Saba



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  1. pfffttt well that typical! What were the reasons why the request was denied? Why can’t people just says what they thinks?