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Opinion: Commissioner Johnson prepares new education strategy without consulting parents

Dear Editor,

I’m sure everyone by now knows about the Saba Educational Foundation Board members have stepped down.  Some people say that they were forced to depart.  Does it matter under what circumstance they resigned?  No, it doesn’t but we had an opportunity to correct an educational system in desperate need of repair.

On Monday, Christalle Klaber on behalf of the parents and concerned citizens forwarded a letter to the Executive Council. The letter was posted to Saba – News and there has been a lot of commentary to her letter. Last night, September 16, 2014, Chris Johnson responded to Christalle’s letter.  He denied her the use of SCS’ facilities for the upcoming parent association meeting.  He further refused to meet with the parents but he did share that he will announce a new strategy to correct the situation on Friday.  Is this what he and Mr. Hermans have been working on so diligently for the past several days?

“With regards to the request for a public meeting to be held on the school premises on Saturday 20th please be informed that your request is denied.

 With regards to your list of priorities and objectives I would like to inform you of the following. On Friday September 19th I will publicly inform all stakeholders in education, and the general public, as to the path forward in the field of secondary education on Saba.“

Chris Johnson

Mr. Johnson forgot that he is elected by the very people that are now railing against what he refuses to acknowledge.  He could have stopped the complaining, fixed the educational system for the better and let us focus on the future rather than being distracted by the on-going problems at SCS.

Mr. Johnson repeatedly said that he doesn’t have the power to change the situation when the Vo-raad claimed otherwise.  Now, he decided to present his plans for the future which were developed in a vacuum. Is he going to update his plans to reflect the latest allegations on Saba News? I doubt it but one thing is certain – Chris Johnson is at the heart of the problem – if not the problem.

With one act, you, Chris Johnson could have been a hero but you chose otherwise!

Christalle Klaber

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  1. He just concern about his upcoming election but we Sabans will remember his arrogance and that all this school confusion happen under his watch. You would think after all this he would meet the parents association, but I guess he feel his last name get him off the hook. Them board members only doing what he tell them to do as I’m sure he have bigger political plans for heself regardless of who he need to step on to get there. Come election we send him a clear message that he did not do his job!

  2. its a crying shame the slander that is taking place.

    I surely thought by now all the confusion would have stopped but seems only now some have rallied up. My question is why? What is it you people really want?

    Teachers are in place and so is a director and a very good one from what I see. The board is gone. Their reason for their exodus whether or not they resigned because they were tired of the nonsense or were forced to maybe time will reveal that. Whatever the reason being is not my business.

    I will applaud the board on one matter and that is for recruiting a team of excellent teachers. Monday night I had the pleasure in meeting with them and the director and I feel the board made a damn good selection.

    To all newcomers at the SCS I say WELCOME to Saba. Do not get discouraged with the comments some concerned ones may have do what you have to do and may God be with you all.

  3. goodness gracious first you angry people was lashing out @ the board now they is gone now you lashing out at chris Johnson. you all donnot have nothing better to do with your time?
    saffy me friend if you can hush cause you know you ain no chris Johnson supporter so what is your stress. I want to see you run next election next to chris and lewe see who is the DAN.
    i said it from the beginning and going repeat myself how comes all these teachers and principal did not get a lawyer? in SM they got more lawyers than police officers. plenty lawyers who always lookin for a case so what is the problem..
    I gone wait to see who the commissioner gone put on his board I hope its none of you clowns that wants to be there.
    commissioner good that you ain agrree to this meeting. meeting for what? mark my words someday all these friendships gone buss up and you gone hear all the stories them and jake gone sit back and laugh. ciao

  4. I understand, the administrators of this blog. do not value my opinion or, indeed, my rhetoric. Fair enough, its not like its a balanced forum, your choice and indeed clearly your intent.

    But word to the wise, If you should process opinion to produce news, you are just Murdoch & melee. May I suggest “Taking a hike?”. Its still beautiful here beneath your gray clouds.

    Yours Sincerely Malachy Hugh Magee

  5. René Caderius van Veen

    It is likely that Commissioner Chris Johnson did not mean to announce any “New Education Strategy”, but just a practical short-time measure to deal with the problem of the school not having a board at the moment. He is even obliged to do so. Something similar happened when the director Michiel Boeken had written a letter that he did not had any confidence in the board at that time. A temporary commission with Chris Johnson himself, with Nolly Oleana and with another person with enough knowledge and experience in education is likely to be this short-term measure, also because it is the responsibility of the Commissioner to take the lead now.
    Practical measures based on the juridical situation and/or law and regulations are now more constructive than emotional and political accusations.

  6. okay today the commissioner will annoucne the board for the scsschool well thats good. hope tthe commissioner not to foolish to appoint all those foolish loud mouted people on his board. to many people want to rule and call the shots. go back in you own lands of birth and dictate not here. anxious to know who will be board members i am sure he knows what he is doing. let no one boss you around you is the boss and start acting so.
    Good luck commissioner and much success with your plans