Sunday , February 25 2024

New helicopter for Health Care

In a letter to the Second Chamber Minister Schippers writes that a new contract for a new helicopter has been made. She concludes:

“After evaluation of the bids on price and quality, the contract is awarded to National Helicopters. It is a so-called Bell 430 placed next to the existing helicopter, which will be used as back-up in case when the Bell can not be used due to service or maintenance. This Bell is a dedicated medevac helicopter that meets all obligations in the field of aviation, including the IFR, oxygen reserves for critical patients, greater range making even the hospital on Guadeloupe directly within reach, with the possibility of taking additional medical personnel guidance of the patient. The annual cost will be approximately $ 1.7 million.

This is about 1 million (dollars) more expensive than the previous provision that no longer met the airworthiness requirements.”

Check out the details on this machine.

Bell 430 helicopter
Updated: Chris Johnson to give update on educational developments during press conference
Letter from Commissioner Johnson to Saba Educational Alliance i.o.

One comment

  1. For that amount of money, 1.7 million USD per year, Saba , eventually in concertation with Statia, could attract a gynecologist, and
    an emergency trained internist, and then if ever needed , ship a rare patient they cannot handle,but they can stabilize, via regular winair plane to the continent. This plan will cost a lot less than an ambulance helicopter.