Saturday , May 27 2023

Updated: Chris Johnson to give update on educational developments during press conference

Dear reader,

On request of GIS Saba, the press release that was published today has been replaced by a new one that you can read here.



Update: Commissioner of Education’s Press Conference on Secondary Education.
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  1. Another concerned parent

    (Shortened by editor)

    Commissioner Johnson promised us, parents, that today he would explain and update us on how the SCS would continue. I have to disappoint you Jake, but there is no update. Only a picture of the boss and his follower. The follower does not know yet that he is used in this circus to accomplish the boss’s goal. Look at the picture and look at both faces. It tells you all.
    Poor Mr. Hermans sitting there as a puppet on a string, this time not orchestrated by the board members, but by the Godfather himself. He who has created this whole situation and is responsible for the chaos in school from the beginning, of course this was done with political motives.
    So Jake, if you still believe in the goodness and commitment of our commissioner, you should start to doubt now because promises were made and are broken today. NO INFORMATION WAS GIVEN TODAY TO PARENTS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Only a statement with a picture of King and pageant was shown on Saba News.
    Jake, wake up and smell the coffee. This whole SCS affair is not about those who had to leave, it is about those who were promised certain positions and promotions. It is a political game Jake, and you should no better than any one else how these games are played.
    Concluding, we had a so called “reply for the foolish”. Keep these parents happy with nonsense and no information and they will accept you as their leader. Sorry Commissioner, history has shown that these tactics eventually will turn against you.
    Jake, keep believing my boy and keep hoping for a better future for our students. This time the commissioner did not full fill your wish. Sorry for that.

  2. Mr. Terry Cunningham

    Everyone here is getting too much exercise ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ before the promised ‘statement’ even comes out. From where I sit, logistics were not the best given the current climate and a full article would have been best served instead of just the ‘photo op’ but it did not happen. (As usual no one trusts the ‘Politicians’ and there is nothing you can do about that here. Do that exercise in the next election).

    On page 13 of the Daily Herald (Dated Sept 20th) you will find the aforementioned article and it tells you what is coming on the 6th of October. When you read the article today either here or in the Herald, know that an investigation is in process and recommendations will be made and a full report will be generated. (We hope this time the report will be made public for all to see). I met with the two gentlemen from the Vo-raad who are coming to be part of this task force and I will tell you that they are straightforward and they listen.

    If you want your opinions really heard …make an appointment with this task force and quit bashing every little move. Everyone has a job to do and regardless of what the former board did, make your voices as a community heard. Not here, but with this task force. Change only comes when you speak out and you have the attention of the appropriate people in the Netherlands. I urge to not waste this opportunity.

  3. congratuations saba on a a decision well taken. could not have asked for it any other way. glad commissioner did not board a board together@ dis point . would have been been dangerous all the loose canons running round that want to be on the board.
    in ending let me say Jake is very very happy wid dis. who like the outcome like it and who do not. congrats commissioner, mr Anton and vo raad members.

  4. There has been a lot of gossiping and suspicions acclimation made over the last weeks on teachers, parents, polical arena and other affiliated to education of Saba.
    As a new independent GURU I will bring you real and up to date information on what is exactly happening at the school in order to keep everyone informed. My information is coming from various sources and double checked before I will publicize it. If you have any info or comments on my articles of opinion, please do contact me at
    The following is worth mentioning. Someone within OCW contacted me and explained jow the current staffunctionaris got to Saba. It was OCW BES (Mr. N. O.) who recommended the staffunctionaris to the ex-school board. There was no official application procedure, since the ex-board believed blindly in the recommendations coming from Mr. N.O. The stafffunctionaris was appointed by full member agreement and a contract of 7 months was offered to her. In the meantime, the staffunctionaris, who was appointed to bridge the gap between school board and director and management team slowly became fully controlled by the school board and was used as an informant to the board, together with the sister of the president. All information and non-information was directly reported to the board ladies.
    Then the board decided not to renew the ex-director’s contract, again based on Mr. N.O. advice. Three candidates were sent to the VO raad for recommendation. We all know how the story ended.
    In short it has been OCW BES who has constantly interfered with the school boards’ actions. It has been OCW BES who has given the board advice according to their (personal) liking. The board that depended on back ground advice and info and respecting the higher authority followed blindly OCW BES recommendations. I am therefore accusing OCW BES for their actions and interference. Their political agenda has created this situation in cooperation with an ex-board who is not able to make independent decisions in the interest of the students and the school.
    On another occasion, 12 staff members of the SCS had reported grievances and complaints about the board’s functioning to the Local Labor department 1.5 years ago. The labor department forwarded these complaints to OCW BES, mr. H.K. All these staff members are up until now still waiting for any response from OCW BES on their complaints. Shame on OCW BES to let teaching and non-teaching staff wait for so long on their letters of complaints against the ex-board.
    In my opinion this clearly describes the position OCW BES has taken in the last two years; ignore the teaching and non-teaching staff and protect and support the ex-school board.
    OCW BES you should be investigated and prosecuted.
    This is all based on facts and not on rumors. More to follow.

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  5. sabaguru you sure knows everythin or should i say all the inside informations them.
    what has Mr. N.O. done you that you hate the man so much? sounds like you got an axe to grind wid him. can i ask what is the relation between you and Mr. N.O.
    how comes you know so much happening @ d school? you and advisor @ scs? sounds strange to me. i even donno so much and i Jake is a person out and about.
    i would advise mr N.O. watch ur back seems that ocw has a spion who is leakin information. Mr. N.O. and H.K. u better watch u backs. Mr. sabaguru knows it all or so it seems.
    i Jake is confused again. how come if ocw persuaded d board to appoin d functionars as director how come she is not dirctor today but mt. Anton Hermans. sabaguru i think your spies aint all that accurate. is it no so that there was write up few months back that the teacher from scs her sister was going make she director andthat ocw was all for it. all dis . confusing Jake. i believe that some ppl’s talkin just to discredit others.
    ocw get a good lawyers seems they out for ur blood and have to prosecuted.

  6. I don’t know what planet Jake is from, but I do believe that Sabaguru does spell it out and paints a pretty telling tale of the corruption going on from a governing body and a board that went along with these decisions so willingly; disregarding the students needs and clearly in legal violation of their position. What Jake means by spit it out is beyond me. The only people who need to ‘spit it out’ are those individuals like Jake that keep talking about some element of ‘fraud’ that took place under the previous director, yet never seem to say what it is they are referring to. So over to you Jake and company ….. spit it out!

    Also, I’d like to point out that it was a certain friend of the boards, who openly wrote on their social media page (followed by 2000+ people) that indeed it was an islander who would be placed in the position of Director and that ‘she’ was well qualified for said position. Nobody else has mentioned that on here from my accounts; Perhaps ‘Jake’ is getting their message boards confused.

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