Thursday , December 7 2023

Kingdom representative Isabella meets with Saban students

The blog Caribbean Netwerk reports that this week, Kingdom Representative Gilbert Isabella was again on Saba.

During his visit, he focused on the needs of the youth. One of the challenges the young people of Saba are facing is the transition from the English secondary school to follow a study in The Netherlands in Dutch. This language barrier causes quite some dropouts. “It is refreshing to see that the people of Saba do not only complain about what is not going well, but that they come up with suggestions and ideas on how to improve the situation,” said Isabella.


Kingdom representative Isabella with Saba youngsters (Photo  Caribbean Netwerk)
Kingdom representative Isabella with Saba youngsters
(Photo Caribbean Netwerk)

Isabella acknowledges that Saba, Statia and Bonaire are three different islands, each with their own culture, characteristics, challenges and opportunities. “My message to the islands is: take advantage of me, my network and the direct contact I have with representatives in The Hague. As Kingdom Representative, I strive to make a contribution and to find solutions. Let’s do that together. ”

Further, during a tour around Saba, the new Kingdom Representative noted,  that the population takes good care of their island. On Saturday, with some students, he climbed Mount Scenery,  the highest point in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

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