Thursday , November 30 2023

Saba Reach Students graduate at third Banana Salsa Party


The Daily Herald writes that Saba Reach Foundation (SRF) held its third annual Banana Salsa Party at Eugenius Johnson Centre on Wednesday, September 24. Every year, the foundation hosts this event to highlight a specific theme and bring the community together in celebration of its initiatives. Wednesday’s event started with the graduation ceremony of the Foundation’s Youth Opportunity Path programme. Saba Reach congratulated the four graduates on their commitment throughout the past year and wished them well in putting all they have learned into practice during the continuation of their studies or in their future careers.

SRF Director La-Toya Charles thanked many organisations and individuals locally and abroad who contributed in making the programme a “rich, stimulating and fulfilling educational and life experience for the participants.” Saba Reach Youth Opportunity Path programme caters to young adults between the ages of 18 and 24, who left high school without a start qualification, and offers them a new opportunity to develop social skills and employment competences necessary for success in the labour market. Dutch Ministry of Education Caribbean Netherlands Policy Advisory Elvin Henriquez was present for this part of the event.

The foundation’s adult education language course certificates were also distributed. Saba Reach began collaborating with University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC) in March to offer Common European Framework of Reference-(CEFR-) based English as a second language, Dutch, and Spanish language courses on the island. SFR applauded the 23 certificate recipients for their dedication to the courses and overall exceptional results. The foundation also reiterated its aspiration to collaborate with other organisations on Saba in offering adult education courses as a first step toward offering residents structured and certified higher education opportunities on the island. UDC Magali Jacoba was present for this part of the event.


photo: Voltaire Simmons

Another highlight was the farewell to the Social Workplace Organoponics Garden manager of three years, Cuban agronomist Otto Manuel Anderez Ramos. He bade farewell to the public and thanked them for their continued support. Saba Reach emphasized their appreciation for his efforts related to the Social Workplace and the development of agriculture on the island, and promised to continue the activities he initiated.

Another part of the event was the launch of the new SRF logo and website, created by Malachy Magee of Jumbie Designs. Attendees received red and blue tote bags featuring the Foundation’s logo, department names and website address.

The event, which was attended by more than 200 people, ended with musical entertainment and free snacks made with fresh ingredients from Organoponics Garden and other local farmers, prepared and donated by 30 local restaurants and caterers.

Added by Saba-News to this: the real Banana-Salsa party itself actually started at 7:00 p.m. with tasting the result of delicious recipees by not only local restaurants and caterers but also by many citizens who all contributed in this way to make people aware of the blessings of the vegetables, fruit etc. grown on Saba and of the possibilities to use these. And of course the end was the Salsa music and the dancing. A large amount of people showed up and enjoyed the first part with the presentations and the number of visitors became even larger (about 10 % of the Saba population) when the tasting and after that the dancing began.


photo: Voltaire Simmons

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